Friday, March 6, 2009

Flashback Friday

Ok, so just to let y'all know.....wishing upon a star does not work! At 3 years old I wanted a horse and I remember begging for one and I remember my mother telling me to wish upon a star. Well, night after night I stared out my window into the sky, wishing upon that star for a whole year, until one day when my dad brought home Gypsi the shetland pony. At first I was thrilled and so excited, but wait a minute, that's not what I wished for! I wanted a REAL horse.....a BIG horse! Well, needless to say I was still very excited and I couldn't wait to ride her, but there was one little problem. I was frustrated because my dad wouldn't let me ride her all by myself....he insisted on leading us around the yard with a rope. I mean after all, I WAS only 4!
So for awhile I enjoyed being led around the yard on her until one day on the fourth of July. I remember it like it was yesterday.....we had relatives over that day and I decided to sneak outside and ride Jypsi all by myself. I turned the water bucket upside down, stepped up on it and hopped on top of Jypsi. Can you guess what happened next? She took off like a bolt of lightening and I held on to her mane as long as I could, until I finally fell off. So I'm lying there on my back, when before I knew what was happening, she came running back toward me and stepped on me right between the eyes! I wish my parents had taken a picture of my black and blue little face. Well, that was just the start of the nightmare....

I felt pretty good about being lead by a rope from then on.....ok, truth is, I didn't learn my lesson yet! One day, she was laying down in the shade and I decided, hey I don't even need a bucket this I slowly snuck up to her and sat right on her was easy as pie. She jumped to her feet and this time I only made it a few feet before falling off. I guarantee you, I didn't lay there long enough for her to trample me, this time!

Jypsi turned out to be the meanest little pony in the whole world. She kicked me and bit me and would literally charge after me and chase me down. I thought I would have her teeth marks on my stomach permanantly! Look at me in this this time I was pretty irritated with Jypsi....don't I look like I can take her?

Here is my brother trying to stop her from chasing me and trampling me. She proceeded to get away from him and chased me around the side of the house where I leaped onto the bench swing. Whew! That was close! This was pretty much a daily occurrence, so finally my dad got rid of her and when I was 5 yrs old, he brought home a stud horse named Jo Jo. Well, girlfriend I learned to ride that horse all by myself and he only bucked me off once! I was a tough little cookie, so honey I got right back on that horse.....there would be no wimpin' out from this little half pint.
We had many horses after that and I didn't even have to wish on a star for them. I have more horse stories and pictures, but I'll have to share those another time.
(Listen, for all of you out there who would like to join in with Flashback Friday, it's fun! We all have old photos we can share and I'm sure a many of them have a story to tell. I'm not sure I will mess with the Mr. Linky thingy, unless y'all think I should. If there are enough of you who are interested, then I will do Mr. Linky, so we can all join in on the fun. Just let me know!)


  1. What a cute post. I love all the pictures. Sorry you didn't win the war with Jypsi. Isn't it amazing how we think we are so powerful when we are younger, well I guess we even feel the same when we are adults sometime. Hope you have a blessed day!

  2. girls and their horses...there is nothing better! Usually they just listen and don't talk back...but apparently your pony had other ideas. I am detecting a bit of attitude from you little lady...hands on hips! I so enjoyed the picture and the story. You need to write these in a journal for Kasey and Michael to read to your great grandchildren or scrapbook them like a personal story book! Love you
    Kathy Isom

  3. Tanya, you're right it WAS a war, but I was a scrappy little rascal, so I gave it my best! I guess I wasn't scared of much...well except for the dark. :o)

    Kathy, I guess I did have some sister could attest to that...well my brother probably could too. That's a good idea, maybe I will start a scrapbook journal and just add to it each week. Do you think I'll ever get around to it? Hmm, probably not for awhile, I still have so much to do with the house. Michael and Jaymie will be here in a bit and I'm sooo excited to see them!!! Love you, DJ

  4. Dear Debra,
    I'm just getting around to commenting on last weeks posts! What a cute story!!! I had a horse growing up--and I have the scars as memories! I once fell off of a runaway horse and I smacked right into a tree. I have the scar on my chin as a memory! It was such a neat and wild time spent with my Dad though! What a funny memory about Jypsi. I love your expressions in the photos--reminds me of the many days I spent at the stable!
    God bless you-thanks for your sweet comments!


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