Friday, March 27, 2009

Flashback Friday

The Robert's Family! This had to have been 1985 on Christmas Day. Andy's mom and dad in front, with Jim, Dick, Anita,Dave, Nancy, Steve, Julie and Andy. (You can click on the pictures to enlarge and see a closeup!)
This is all eight Robert's children with their spouses, plus Andy's nephew Mark & Kim, on the far right.

Robert's family with the grandkids! My two babies weren't born yet.....I had already had two miscarriages by this time, but thankfully I got pregnant with Michael, soon after this photo was taken. Sorry, these last two pictures are pretty blurry.


  1. Love all the old pictures!! Everybody was so happy!

  2. Nice memories.

    sorry to hear about your miscarriages.

    so glad to hear that God has blessed you with 2 beautiful children. :)

  3. And you still are the Prettiest in the family! Daddy said I did good. Oh Yea!

  4. Beautiful family you have. Amazing how over time the family just keeps growing..

  5. Love the shirt DJ LOL :) but Andy is right, you are the prettiest :) I am going to see if I can round up one more old picture for today, but my Mom has a pile to give me, so I should be good for next week :)

  6. Beth, we WERE happy then....those were such good times when we were all together. We miss mom and dad sooo much!

    Leah, thanks for your sentiments, I look forward to the day when I will see those babies in heaven. I am SO blessed with Michael and Kasey!

    Molly, it is amazing how family just keeps should see it now....tons great grandchildren!

    Andy and're both partial and my greatest fans! How sweet you both are. Thank you!

    Wait a minute didn't like my shirt? I loved that shirt!!!!

  7. Wow what a big family.It is so good that you still have all of those photos! Hope you have a blessed day!

  8. it's great to see how families grow!!

  9. I downloaded these to my computer so I can have a copy and show my husband our family. I actually remember this day...

    Thanks for posting!


  10. Hey Maryanne, I will be posting more pics of the Robert's family in the future. I have to dig through all my photos and albums to see what I have. Unfortunately, a lot of them are not good quality because I didn't have a good camera back then, but that's ok, you can still see who the people are. :)

  11. Well I like the shirt! My mom had one that I wore sometimes and I remember how cool and grown-up I felt in it!! (I was after all, about 12!)

  12. Michelle H. You have great taste, if I do say so myself! It WAS a great shirt I tell you and that's why you felt sooo cool wearing your mom's. I guess we're just cool, huh?


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