Thursday, March 19, 2009

Light A Candle...

This is a sweet little card my husband gave me a few years ago. Notice the two candles.....and if you're wondering what happened to the candle on the right....well ask my daughter! (click on the picture to enlarge, if you have trouble reading what it says).
This is what he wrote inside.....Debra, When you feel as if you need to hear I love you, Light a candle, so that I can see. I Love You, Andy

So guess what I did on Tuesday night girls? Yep, that's right....I lit a candle!!! I was really struggling with some things that day and all I needed was, some nice long hugs and an, "I Love You," from my husband, to make it all better. Seriously, he always makes me feel better, no matter what I'm struggling with! I'm so thankful for such a wonderful, loving husband and the best friend I could ever have!


  1. That is a sweet sweet card from your husband. It is such a blessing to have your husband be your best friend. I know, because mine is too.

  2. What a great husband! I love the comment inside. Sometimes it is hard for men to pick up on things and what a great secret code. Love this post. Have a great Thursday!

  3. Dear Debra,
    What a sweet card and thought! Thank you for sharing! God bless-

  4. oh my friend, how beautiful, its just as sweet as you said, Im so glad Pastor let you share, you have a wonderful day....HUG AWAY your friend always sj

  5. Thanks for all of the sweet comments! I just might share some more of my little love notes or cards in the future.....with my husband's permission, of course!


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