Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Just call me Pinnochio!

I AM HORRIFIED! I read an article one time that said our ears and nose will never stop growing. "What? Are you serious?" said I. I mean, is this some nightmare that I'm in? Ok, 'fess up girls, let's admit it, we all have a feature that we despise. For me it has always been my nose. You can ask my family....I won't let them take a profile picture of me and if they do, it always gets deleted. Of course, that's the great thing about digital cameras, now isn't it? (I know what you're thinking....SO VAIN....right?)

Anyway, the other night I was looking through photo albums and I came across this photo of me in the sunglasses and I thought, "Hey my nose doesn't look too bad in this pic." Then I remembered that article I had read, so I decided to compare some of my pictures over the years. I let out a gasp, as I said to my daughter, "OH NO IT'S TRUE......my nose HAS grown!" She replied, "It has not!" Then I held the first pic up to my face to show her the difference and she said, "Oh my gosh!" Well folks that says it all! You might as well, just call me Pinnochio!

Just look at this cute 'little' nose! I believe this was taken in 1984. It must have been in the summer because I have freckles...the sun always brings them out. You can tell I don't lay out in the sun anymore because you can't even see any freckles on my face now.
I can't believe I'm posting this picture.....Look at that nose! My, has it grown!
Another nice view of my pinocchio nose! You may notice that I didn't post a recent picture, mainly because I don't have a recent picture of my profile and also, because I don't even want to KNOW how big my nose is now. lol


  1. You so do NOT have ginormous nose!

    You are as pretty with your nose now as in 1984!

    Silly girl!

  2. that is a sad realization for my boys!! they have their dad's, somewhat large, nose!!!

    It would be fun to compare his....I may have to do that! :)

  3. You're so very sweet Anonymous, whoever you are! Seriously though, I think my nose is even longer today than it was in these pictures, but you'll never see it cuz I probably won't put another profile of me on here! lol

  4. Thanks for stopping by Sara. I can thank my mother for my nose! :o)

  5. ROFL- That is so funny DJ, but like anonymous said you were and still are beautiful and I don't think you have a big nose at all. Dan on the other hand has HUGE ears and nose, I am so scared for our unborn children :)

  6. This post cracked me up! I so needed the laugh. You are such a mess and I have enjoyed reading your blog. For the record, your nose is just like you...beautiful!

  7. Michelle, you made me laugh as I was picturing your babies with big ears and noses, but that's not gonna happen. They are going to be beautiful children, just like you, no matter what their ears and nose look like! :)

  8. Carol, thanks for stopping by for another visit today. I'm glad you enjoyed a laugh, I am very happy to oblige! You are too sweet....I hope you know that. :)

  9. I thought maybe you posted a skywatch (mine really aren't skywatchy in a spectactular..more of a contrast of time (so I didn't link) Anyway..then I saw this (lol)..personally, I think you look really lovely then and now! We are too hard on ourselves. (I'm convinced one side of our face/profile looks better though)
    I told my son recently about my thoughts while standing in a long bank line "what if it was some kind of end and the doors shut and the only ones left were you and the thirty others in that bank..who would you end up with"??? ha, he told me..omg, I've thought the same..we are so vain! Honestly..I'm sure that it's true (my mom used to say that) but again, your very pretty! Hope you have a great day-



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